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5:00pm prayers


If you are taking part in 5:00pm prayers please let us know!

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There are a few new items on our prayer page, please remember them in your prayers


Could everyone and particularly those of you who know Jane (King) Mrs
Ball, presently living in Sheffield with her husband of two years,
Duncan Ball


This couple, Jane and Duncan, have had quite a bit of bad luck since
their marriage and Jane would appreciate our prayers.


THANK YOUhas asked me to include a thank you to those who prayed for her to pass her requalification first aid course.  She is now certificated for another three years.

Prayers are asked for Cynthia (who lives in Gravesend) who has just broken her arm and in her later years feels quite vulnerable and down.

Can you please remember Nikki in your prayers as her grandfather has recently died.

Please pray for Lauren, Emily, Charlie and their families after they were baptised last sunday also Lucie who is to be baptised this sunday.

Please pray for Rosemary and family as they mourn the death of her husband Arthur.

Prayers for Alyse are needed, so that she might recover quickly from her fall and return home again.

And lastly a reminder are you asking God to lead you to the person that he wants you to invite to Back to Church Sunday on the 27th August.

Prayer request from Louisa Waters


As we give thanks for my 10 year old niece Becky being healed from her Achilles tendon problem and back in the gym, her younger sister, Hannah (aged7) has today fallen from the asymmetric bars and badly dislocated her elbow.  Please pray for her as she went into surgery at 9pm this evening to have it relocated (too severe and painful to do without a full anaesthetic).  Please pray also for my sister Liz as she spends tonight in hospital with Hannah and then contemplates the summer holidays with her youngest unable to take part in her gym club activities!


Prayer requests

Brian has asked me to add his granddaughter’s name to the blog prayer list. Isobel Elise is very nearly three and has just started Chemo therapy for leukaemia.





The daughter of a friend of Jackie North has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has undergone surgery and is now on chemotherapy.  She is a mother of three young boys, the youngest being only two.  She is petrified that she will not see her sons grow up.  Please pray for this family.


The Family Trust works in schools through leading assemblies and after school meetings – Kings Squads – to bring the good news of Jesus to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to hear it.  Nikkii Griffiths is one of the team and Verity Betts has recently joined as a volunteer.  Pray for them.  Pray too for more volunteers to join the team of King Squad leaders.  Pray especially for volunteers to help Verity run the new Kings Squad at Deanwood School.

The Family Trust also visits churches to lead All Age Services and the summer “Chequer Tree” camps.


Without forgetting the many needs of our world, could you please pray for our worship, that God would be with us and that all who attend will experience something from our Lord Jesus.



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